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Tribunal to settle MSE disputes

A seven (7) member MSE Tribunal is provided for by the law to settle MSE disputes. Its members shall include: two (2) judges of the High (Supreme) Court nominated by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to serve as chairperson and vice chairperson; one (1) a qualified advocate of the High (Supreme) Court with seven (7) years experience nominated by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK), two (2) advocates with experience in MSE matters appointed by the Cabinet Secretary, one (1) of whom shall serve as the secretary, and two (2) persons with skills in management of MSEs appointed by the Cabinet Secretary.  

For the MSE Tribunal to take up a matter, the party or person that feels they have been treated unfairly shall apply to it in writing. A matter relating to this MSE Act can also be referred to the MSE Tribunal by the MSE Authority. After they receive the matter, the MSE Tribunal shall investigate the matter and determine an award, give directions, give orders, or make decisions, and notify the concerned parties. The MSE Tribunal shall sit at such times and in such places as it may appoint. The proceedings of the MSE Tribunal shall be open to the public except where, for good reasons, the MSE Tribunal directs otherwise. Where the MSE Tribunal with costs, it shall issue a decree inclusive of penalties for non-compliance, which shall be enforceable as a decree of a law court in Kenya. 

IMPORTANT! To show contempt to the MSE Tribunal or its rulings is like showing contempt to any other Kenyan Court! Any person or party that feels they have been treated unfairly by the MSE Registrar or other parties has the right to appeal to the MSE Tribunal. If they are not satisfied with the ruling of the MSE Tribunal, they have the right to appeal to the High (Supreme) Court within 30 days. No decision of the MSE Tribunal shall be enforced while the High (Supreme) Court Appeal has begun. The ruling of the High (Supreme) Court on an appeal against a decision by the MSE Tribunal shall be final.

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MSEA’s Role in the National Agenda

During the Second Medium Term Plan 2013-2017, the Authority plans to spark industrial revolution by undertaking policy reforms and implementing targeted programmes and activities in the MSE sector, with a view to creating at least 80% of the 1 million jobs annually promised by the Government, i.e. 800,000 new jobs.  In this regard and in line with the MSE Act, MSEA will:-

  • Create conducive working environment for MSEs
  • Enhance MSEs access to markets
  • Enhance entrepreneurial and technical skills the MSE sector
  • Develop and promote gender participation and inclusion of Vulnerable groups
  • Establish and implement legal, regulatory and operational mechanisms for the MSE sector 
  • Enhance coordination of sector players and facilitate integration of programmes and activities relating to MSEs
  • Establish proper management and mobilization of financial resources
  • Embrace Information Communication Technology in all sectors of the Authority
  • Attract, develop and retain competent staff and
  • Enhance corporate image
  • The Authority recognizes the Government efforts on industrialization, job creation and particularly through Micro and small enterprise development in the following areas.  

Growth and Development

  • Create one million new jobs
  • Create reliable energy infrastructure by extending the National grid network and promoting renewable energy
  • Implement  Buy Kenyan Policy for both Government and Parastatals where Kenyan goods and services are accorded first priority
  • Poverty eradication


  • Make Kenya the continents manufacturing and technology hub
  • Make Kenya the preferred gateway to Africa for foreign investors and home to a thriving army of local entrepreneurs
  • Help to unleash the business potential of all Kenyans


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MSEA Core Functions

  • To formulate and review policies and programs for MSEs. b) To monitor and evaluate the implementation of existing policies and programs related to or affecting micro and small enterprises, and advise the government on what policies to formulate, and what actions to take. c) To raise resources for the development of MSE activities.
  •  To promote innovation and development of products by MSEs.
  • To develop mechanisms, tools and programs for collection of comprehensive data desegregated by sex, region and age among others, to enable proper planning for the micro and small enterprises sector. 
  • To connect with relevant authorities to zone out and manage land for MSEs. To develop and guide certified demand-driven capacity-building programs. 
  •  To promote and provide business development services for MSEs. 
  • To identify markets for products generated by micro and small enterprises and provide linkages between micro and small enterprises and potential markets.
  • To source for funds and resources for development of appropriate technology in relevant research institutions/enterprises that develop technology for use by MSEs. 
  • To encourage innovation and transfer of technology so as to increase competitiveness of micro and small enterprises products and services. 
  • To administer the MSE Fund.
  • To collaborate with relevant institutions to develop programs for improving access to credit and other financial services by micro and small enterprises. 
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MSEA Vision, Mission & Core values


Globally competitive Micro and Small Enterprises


To promote the development of competitive and sustainable Micro and Small Enterprises


  • Client focus
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Integrity and Accountability 
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork and Inclusivity
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About Us

The Micro and Small Enterprise Authority (MSEA) is a new state corporation established under the Micro and Small Enterprise Act No. 55 of 2012. The Act was developed through a stakeholder’s consultation process which took several years. The Authority is now domiciled in the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development.


  • P.O. BOX 48823 – 00100, NAIROBI
  • GEN. LINES: +254 (20) 3340006 / +254  700 666000 +254 (0) 770 666 000
  • Fax: +254 (20) 3317761
  • Website: www.mseauthority.go.ke
  • Email: mseakenya@mseauthority.go.ke
  • customercare@mseauthority.go.ke
  • reportcorruption@mseauthority.go.ke